Our second edit suite is perfect for smaller projects and extensive editorial work inSD or HD, featuring an Avid Media Composer with Mojo. This suite interfaces with all of our in-house video formats, and is also home to our DVD authoring services.

Another alternative for the self-driver is our Final Cut Studio system with all the interfacing you require: professional scopes, HD/SD monitors and the ability to ingest and output to all of the formats mentioned above, using Aja HD I/O for quality and speed.

Rates are available per hour, per day or per project - please inquire when budgeting your next project.


Featured attraction at the Sector is an Avid Symphony Nitris for complete editorial, graphics, and finishing for HD and SD, conducted by an award winning editor, with all the right gear in house. Supported formats include HDCam, D5 HD, XDCAM HD, Digital Betacam, BetaSP, HDV, miniDV, DVCam, and even 3/4". The Avid Symphony Nitris is an industry-leading standard for uncompressed editing, effects and color correction, suitable for the highest quality distribution of your finished program.