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March 27, 2009

Mea culpa, Sector fans, for the almost interminable wait for a news update. Several significant upgrades have been made to the facility resources overall faster, more responsive, and more wow. Production travels have taken us to more than a dozen US locations, as well as Mexico City and Copenhagen -- all HD shoots for the likes of Microsoft, the American Library Association, Google, and others.

The post and finishing side is behaving quite well, with a number of new clients recently discovering the Sector for corporate and broadcast projects. And so far, despite the economic frailty that has surrounded us all, projects continue to come in, resulting in the happy clients that indeed make our world go round. We wish everyone a hopeful and prosperous journey out of this mess soon!



And now completely OT recently conducted an interview with a Dutch magazine that features classic beauties of the Citroen variety, appearing next month at a newsstand near you (if you're in the Netherlands )

Here's a glimpse of my featured ride -- the only XM (so far) in the PNW:


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