Rollinson's first years in 'the industry' were as a film editor for the Dutch Broadcasting Facility (NOB) in Hilversum, the Netherlands, cutting episodic TV, commercials and promos, as well as long format features and documentaries. As commercial post production studios began to arise, he joined Ultimate Video as an editor and expanded his palette to 3D animation - in one year creating logo IDs for each of the three major Dutch networks. Significant corporate clients included Philips B.V., KLM, and (the now defunct) Fokker Aircraft Co.
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In 1988 Rollinson joined Condor Video in Amsterdam as their first Creative Director, and helped motivate and shape their meteoric growth over the next few years. With success comes reflection (sometimes), and Rollinson realized that he missed the close individual relationships of working one-on-one with clients that a smaller studio can offer. And after twelve fantastic years in the Netherlands, it was time to return to the States - at least for a while - and Portland, Oregon became the destination.